Safety & Conservation


Safety is always of the utmost importance to us and we provide a great level of support to our clients:

  • All of our Indonesian guides are trained by KBR to PADI standards
  • All guides are trained in Emergency First Response, to provide care in an emergency
  • We carry oxygen in our center and train our staff to administer it
  • We offer Nitrox* and the PADI Enriched Air Specialty to reduce nitrogen uptake
  • We have access to an excellent recompression chamber 90 minutes drive away in Manado. In the event of an emergency you can be certain that resort staff will look after you and accompany you
* surcharged


We are very committed to conservation, to help sustain the livelihoods of our local community. We sponsor various conservation activities, just a few example being:

  • School marine conservation education program
  • Regular beach clean-ups
  • Rubbish collection campaign
  • Kungkungan Bay has limited its room capacity, specifically to minimize the impact of divers on this relatively unexplored area of the ocean. However, as the Lembeh Strait has been discovered by divers from all over the world, our efforts to minimize environmental impact are not enough on its own.
  • Kungkungan Bay Resort fully supports the efforts, goals and methods of the North Sulawesi Watersports Association (NSWA) and urges you to support its efforts. Since its inception Kungkungan Bay Resort has supported the NSWA with funding and assistance in formulating a set of by-laws for dive operations using the strait.

Environmental Responsibility

We promote environmental responsibility and awareness for our staff and guests:

  • We follow the Lembeh Straits policy of not allowing gloves when diving (unless there is a certified medial condition)
  • We promote a no-touching policy
  • We encourage frog-kicking rather than fin-kicking to cut down disturbing the sand.
  • We dive in small groups, 4-guests-per-guide, for more environmental control
  • We can provide check-out dives to iron out the buoyancy wrinkles
  • Discover Scuba Dives for uncertified divers are only conducted in the pool and on sandy areas of reefs
  • We recycle paper in our office and always aim to reduce our usage
  • We use energy-saving light bulbs and switch off all office equipment when not in use